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*All prices are quoted in USD.  Conversion into CAD will be done upon receipt of payment using XE conversion rates applicable to the date of payment.

*Payment of flies is due upon receiving the order unless other payment terms have been arranged.  A charge of 5% will be added if payment is not received within 30 days of the delivery of the order.  An additional 5% will be charged for each 30 day period thereafter.

*Any flies the customer is unhappy may be returned for a credit for future orders or replaced with other flies within the catalogue of equal value if there is sufficient reason to return the flies.

*A 10% re stocking fee will apply to orders that are sent back for insufficient reason

*All orders received before November 1st for delivery in the following year, receive a 5% early season discount

*An additional 5% discount will be applied for orders over 500 dozen in 500 dozen increments. For example:  1000 dozen = an additional 10 % —  1500 dozen an  additional 15%. —  2000 dozen 20%  — 2500 dozen 25%  — 3000 dozen 30%.  The volume discount is capped at 30% thereafter






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